QCSC (Quantum Computing System Center) aims to explore the way to realize the ideal design and implementation of quantum computers as a tool for information processing as a manifestation of the basic policy, “fusing I (Information Science) and E (Electrical Engineering)” of faculty of information science and electrical engineering, Kyushu University. Modern computers have evolved by clearly separating system hierarchies, defining mutual interfaces, and promoting improvements and optimizations within each hierarchy. However, quantum computers are in the nascent stage, and it is necessary to explore the system hierarchy itself.

For that purpose, we need to organically couple the hardware fields such as physics, materials, devices, and circuits and the software fields such as system software, algorithms, applications, and theory, by a central role from computer architecture, and by collaborative designs that give a bird’s-eye view of the entire system hierarchy. In addition, with a perspective on industrial applications and social implementation, we must explore what kind of system architecture should be constructed as a next-generation information processing platform by linking quantum and modern (classical) computers.

In order to tackle these issues, the center has established the Quantum Computer Algorithm Section, Quantum Computer Software Section, Quantum Computer Architecture Section, Quantum Computer Device Section, and Quantum Computing Application Exploration and Social Cooperation Section and we will promote research and development in collaboration. Our goals are: (1) exploring the ideal form of a quantum computer as an information processing platform, (2) exploring new qubits, (3) developing human resources that capture both quantum hardware and quantum software, and (4) contributing to the development of social applications of quantum computing technology.

Mar. 1, 2022
Director Koji Inoue